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Tecnel, Lda.

Tecnel, Lda. - Destaques

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The term “Energy” is increasingly important in today’s society. Over the years Tecnel has been at the vanguard of the application of new technologies to transport, monitor and implement this energy which is running the multiple equipment that surrounds us. ...more>>

Tecnel, Lda. - Destaques

:: Main works in progress :: Works awarded :: Branch of Lisbon

The main works we are carrying out...more>>

Tecnel assures the continuation of the productive process with new awards...more>>

Tecnel inaugurated its Branch of Lisbon ...more>>



Tecnel, Lda - Rua António Granjo, nº4     2090-048 Alpiarça      Telephone Number: +351 243559050      Fax Number: +351 243558839
Branch of Lisbon  - Av. da Republica nº 47, 8º Dto   1050-188 Lisboa   Telephone Number: +351 217 936 205    Fax Number +351 217 935 290